In light of recent and ongoing events surrounding Covid-19, World Class Bhangra have worked extensively to ensure that the safety of all members, competitors and supporters are upheld. We have already made the necessary changes to the competition process this year placing our priority on safety and open communication with prospective competitors. 

Following, the UK government’s recent announcement surrounding lockdown precautions, here are the following changes we have formally issued for WCB 2020:

  • Extended Registration Deadlines

    Our deadlines were extended to respect lockdown precautions imposed nationally. 

  • New Audition Requirements

    All prospective teams will have received an updated registration pack detailing changes to audition requirements. Our aim is to provide teams an equal opportunity to enter into the competition whilst respecting lockdown precautions. Team registration officially closes on Sunday 24th May, 23:59 (GMT) for UK and International Teams. 

  • Postponement of Competition Day

    To address concerns regarding consistent summer training and to respect government guidance on a phased restriction lifting throughout summer, WCB competition day has been postponed to October 2020. 

  • 12 Dancer Rule

    We understand the level of commitment teams dedicate to summer training months and understand during these unprecedented times concerns over large gatherings of 16 or more dancers. For this reason, WCB have issued a ’12 dancer rule’, whereby all competitive teams are to form a team comprised only of 12 competitive dancers. This rule ensures a safer training environment through reducing the number of team members in a training space. It also reduces the number of dancers backstage on competition day. 

  • Future Events Postponed or Made Virtual

    Events involving large gatherings have been postponed until confirmation has been received for restaurants to safely reopen and important meetings have been made virtual. All teams will be kept updated on any changes made to upcoming WCB events. 

As a committee, our aim is to ensure that the safety of all members, competitors and supporters are upheld therefore the correct procedures and adjustments will be put in place accordingly to fulfil this. 


World Class Bhangra reserves the right to carry out necessary procedures to ensure that the event remains safe to all. 

We will keep teams regularly informed with any changes taking place.  

Our priority is to our teams and service users. 

All team captains are encouraged to reach out for any questions or concerns you may have. At World Class Bhangra we pride ourselves on being approachable and as helpful as we can be.